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May 23, 2006

UC Berkeley Experts Explain: We’re Screwed

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In case you didn’t read this in the BBC or T-P: A group of forensic experts led by UC Berkeley put out a 738-page report about the failure of the levees during hurricane Katrina, explaining that “gross negligence” on all levels of the system has left us with a mostly useless levee system.

What was and still is missing from us having any sort of real protection, in the words of professor Raymond Seed, UC Berkeley, the head of the investigation team: lack of political will.

The second part of the presentation was done by a Robert Bea, but he was too boring a speaker for me to include his audio. Besides, his part of the report on the failure of the social and political systems involved ended up being flaccid, I suspect due to his long involvement with the various parties including the army corps of engineers and his age. They need to retire the guy. So he basically apologized profusely and told us with a lot of pictures what we already know- that the government on all levels has failed us.

Audio of professor Raymond Seed, UC Berkeley 1 2 3 conclusion

Read the full report (a 738-page .pdf)

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