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February 13, 2007

Congressional hearing on government failures

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My apologies to my readers about the lateness of this audio, and thanks to FSRN reporter Mayaba Liebenthal for her willingness to share this.

Following is audio from the January 29th hearing in New Orleans called by United States Senators Mary Landrieu, Barack Obama and Joseph Lieberman. Please note that due to a technical failure at the site (go feds!) the audio is not of as high of quality as we might have hoped.

The audio begins with presentations by Joe Lieberman, Barack Obama and Donald Powell, Federal Coordinator for Gulf Coast rebuilding.


Presentation by Donald Powell audio

Senator Mary Landrieu confronting Donald Powell on the disparities in CBDG funding audio

Senator Lieberman confronting Powell on the CBDG disparities audio

I personally think the best piece of audio is the last one, which is Lieberman asking Walter Leger of the LRA what the hell is going on with the delivery of federal monies. Walter Leger squirms a bit, blaming things first on Katrina and then on federal red tape.

Is this a partial explanation or merely the latest in disingenuous excuses from Baton Rouge? I’m guessing both.