Dirty South Bureau

April 7, 2006


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Dirty South Bureau is a creation of freelance radio journalist Christian Roselund. It is a collection of the stories behind the stories and a place to hear full interviews that may or not make it on the air nationally or locally.

Christian covered the failed reconstruction of New Orleans for Free Speech Radio News from October 2005 to October 2006. He has also produced stories for National Radio Project, KPFT-Houston, Workin’ It (Air America network), Pacific Time (KQED- San Francisco), Worker’s Independent News and other shows and stations. He has written articles for various internet and print publications including the New Orleans Tribune, Brooklyn Rail, and New Standard News. His work has been used on Democracy Now!, bayoubuzz.com and Brian Denzer’s show Community Gumbo on WTUL- New Orleans. He was a founding member of New Orleans Indymedia and helped maintain the site in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Currently he is working on a book about the dismantling of public services and growth of the prison system in New Orleans.

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